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Website 1

This is a very basic website that offers math vocabulary words and a basic weekly schedule of homework activities. Visually, the website is very basic and not appealing- but it serves the purpose of providing homework. If I were to change the site, I would offer more information, such as math resources, extra credit ideas, and information for the parents- such as curriculum standards. I would also integrate more graphics and features, such as an online calendar.

Website 2

This website has some more useful information other than homework. It includes the homework policy, classroom expectations, and grading policy as well. The links on the menu bar are too close together. The first thing I would change is the navigation menu.

Website 3

This is a very basic website as well, but is the first website to have an About Me section. The colors of the site are black, white, and grey. The first thing I would do is come up with a theme that uses more color.

Website 4

This is the first website that lists some links for students as well as some strategies for studying math. But is also has graphics, such as one of Super Woman, that has nothing to do with middle school math. The graphics are distracting and if I were to change the site, the first thing I do would be to change them into something more meaningful.

Website 5

This page has very few links to practice websites. I would add more links for variety and to promote more practice of a specific skill. Also, the homework list history is only for the current week. What if a student has been sick for a week or two? I would keep the history of all homework assignments and put them in a calendar, rather than a list format.

Website 6

I like how this website has a list of important dates for the students. These dates include tests and quizzes and project due dates. This is important for advance planning and preparation. The website is very basic and lacks color and graphics. It does meet the basic need, but I would like to add a theme.

Website 7

This website as an example of using navigation buttons to features that are not used. For example, the teacher has a calendar button to an empty calendar. Instead, he lists all of the homework assignments. The first thing I would do is remove the button or use the more meaningful feature. It's easier to navigate a calendar rather than a long scrolling list.

Website 8

Again, this website has a calendar button as well, to an empty calendar. But this teacher has published her class schedule and supply lists, which is the first I've seen. This is great for promoting communication with the parents.

Website 9

This is the first website I've seen that uses scrolling text. I would say under normal circumstances, this feature is quite unnecessary. But since the teacher is pregnant and going on maternity leave, she chose this method for highlighting the information. If I were to change the site, I would merely include this information on the homepage and perhaps highlight it in a different color or use a box to make it stand out.

Website 10

This is an example of when you can tell if the teacher is a man or woman. The site is very very basic, almost to the point where it looks like a sheet of paper from a typewriter. It quite functional, but not appealing and inviting. It also uses anchors to get through all the information on one page- which I find quite distracting. I would make a lot of changes, including the use of a theme and multiple pages.